Why Email Marketing?

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be used to reach many different goals. A business can use it to increase brand awareness, to offer a promotion or to send out a newsletter. In all of these cases, email marketing offers businesses a valuable opportunity to reach customers and prospects with useful information. Email marketing is also very quick. With just one click, a business can reach the inbox of hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. The best part is, all this comes at a much more affordable cost than traditional marketing methods. The ROI (Return on Investment) of email marketing is the highest of all paid marketing methods next to SEO.

You Can Choose Your Target Audience

With email marketing, you can choose to send an email to your entire list or you can choose to send individual emails to just one of your customers such as in birthday promotions. This allows you to access your customer base when they are most susceptible to promotions or purchasing. Email marketing also allows for you to segment your list into two or more groups so that you can test different offers to see which one is more profitable or which subject lines achieves a higher open rate.

You Can be Personal

In the age of technology we are in, it is difficult to establish any personal or face-to-face relationships with our customers. Email gives businesses the chance to show their personality and form a link with the consumers. You can reach people in a relatively intimate place, their inbox. Earning their trust with quality emails is a huge step towards creating a long-lasting relationship and turning people into loyal customers.

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